A quick social media sync

Since I recently gave some tips on phasing out troublesome tech – especially overly intrusive social apps – I figure some shout-outs are in order for the platforms that I do like an use to connect with folks online. After all, I do still love tech in general, even if I'd prefer to see some of it implemented better in the world around us.

In addition to this blog, here's are some other ways to contact me:

  • Email: Best personal address for me these days is peter[at]indizr.com. There's also a handy email distribution list for Indizr blog posts that goes out on a semi-regular basis, including subscriber extras like links to news I've been reading, codes for free third-party-token giveaways, and more. You can subscribe to that list here.
  • Social: Best option here is Twitter. My personal handle is @peteramckay. Indizr's is @itsindizr. If you're a hacker, there's also an Indizr page on GitHub, or you can follow my personal account there. I'm also active on LinkedIn.
  • Medium: I recently created a Medium "edition" of Indizr where I cross-post certain content from the blog. I figure this gives some additional exposure to the content, plus access to various sharing and commenting features native to Medium, for readers who are active there. Why not?
  • RSS: If you want to subscribe to Indizr the old-school way, link to the feed is here

Philosophically, I'm committed to this good ol' blog you're reading as the primary way to publish Indizr content over time, so I retain control over it. But I'm also happy to use other platforms to supplement that plan and reach folks who are interested in decentralization where they already are online.

If you're a regular user of any of the platforms mentioned in the list above, please do give me (or Indizr) a follow. Would be great to connect there as well!

Photo by SHHTEFAN via Unsplash.

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