Indizr is a website about Web 3.0, defined loosely as anything that helps decentralize people's access to digital information. For example:

  • Blockchain
  • Semantic Web
  • Containerization
  • Open Source
  • Linux

Indizr is a personal project by Peter A. McKay, a San Francisco Bay Area-based entrepreneur, consultant, and former prize-winning reporter for the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. He developed an interest in Web 3.0 through his experience seeing news organizations fall prey to an increasingly concentrated oligarchy of big tech companies.

That story is of course now playing out in other areas of the economy too as Big Tech looks for growth elsewhere, from retailing to music to the global supply chain. Indizr is dedicated to the idea that the real solution to this concentration isn't to get oligarch-sized companies to act better; it's for the rest of us to purposefully set about making the world less reliant on them, while we still can.

Peter is the chief author of blog posts around here, but third-party contributions are welcome. If you're interested in publishing on Indizr, just drop Peter a note via email or Twitter.