Bound for the Big Apple

A brief – but very happy – piece of personal news to pass along today:

My wife (aka "Dr. Ro") and I will be moving back to New York this fall, thanks to a new teaching gig she's just landed at Sarah Lawrence College. Woot!

For purposes of my interest in Web 3.0 (and this blog), this change of scenery should be awesome, as the Big Apple has turned into a major hub of blockchain innovation the last few years. I'm going to continue working remotely with several out-of-town marketing clients based in the Bay Area, but if any of you know of opportunities in NYC, I'm all ears. Please do reach out anytime via LinkedIn or email peter[at]

Speaking of client work, I'm looking forward to the publication soon of a whitepaper I co-authored on behalf of the blockchain startup Dispatch, in partnership with the World Economic Forum and fellow startup Truckl. We're looking at the choice between public and private blockchains for the global supply chain – a hot topic in the space. I'll post a link to the final version of the paper here on the blog when it's ready, so stay tuned.

The bottom line is that this is an exciting time in the Web 3.0 space, and New York is an exciting place to participate in it, at the intersection of both the technical community and major companies with real-world use cases for decentralized tools.  

For me, this will be the third time living in the Big Apple, where I was born. Dr. Ro and I have been away since 2014, when we left for the Bay Area. At the time, I'd landed a nice consulting gig there and was working on a startup with a co-founder based there. So the Bay made a lot of sense.

That said, I have to admit, there's no place like home. It'll be great to get back, right to the very heart of it, as the old song goes . 😉

Photo by Aaron Burson via Unsplash.

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