My two favorite blockchain explainer videos

Making blockchain understandable to rank newbies is a cause dear to my heart these days. I truly believe this technology is one of the most promising antidotes we have to the problems created by over-centralization among the Big Tech platforms that are in the news so much these days. That said, there's definitely a learning curve with block chain that everyone deals with.

To help things along, below are two of the best explainer videos I've come across to help beginners get up to speed quickly. Both have been out a little while, to be honest, but the information in them holds up very well. Plus they take up less than an hour total, which is nice:

Blockchain Explained in Five Levels of Difficulty

If you have to watch just one video, I'd say this is it – an 18-minute explainer done by entrepreneur Bettin Warburg for Wired in 2017. In it she explains blockchain to several different people in person, from a five-year-old on up to a fellow expert.

What Exactly is Web 3?

This one might not be quite as essential for some people, but I'll throw it in because it specifically concerns the topic of blockchain as a computing platform unto itself. Most newbies, in my experience, are more aware of blockchain as a tool to create cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but this other vision, often referred to as Web 3.0, isn't quite as intuitive to folks.  

Juan Benet, founder and CEO of Protocol Labs, gives a great overview in this 30-minute talk from the Web3 Summit in Berlin in 2018. He covers what Web3 is and how it is part of a larger movement in which humanity is going from a pre-computing civilization to a post-computing civilization.

Hope that helps, folks. If you want to dive even deeper, check out "Web 3 for Newbies," a broader collection of links to learning resources that I curate on an open source basis.  

Header image by Stanislaw Zarychta via Unsplash.

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