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You may have noticed, we've gradually been changing some things on the Indizr site the last few weeks. It's essentially been a redesign in stages, with an eye toward trying some promising technologies in-house that we think might be of use to the news industry in general.

As part of that effort, we're now relaunching our blog as well with the CMS Ghost. This is really the third major CMS change we've made, including:

  1. Self-hosted WordPress: At this early stage last summer, Indizr was mostly a personal blog for me to riff about concerns I had about user privacy and the siloing of the internet. It worked OK, but honestly, I found it was running a little slow on my limited budget. So we switched to...
  2. Hosted WordPress: Moving the blog to hosting on Automattic's wordpress.com servers definitely improved performance a ton. But I still found the authoring interface to be a little unwieldy. Plus, it frankly had a bunch of moving parts the we didn't really need. Thus this new move to...
  3. Self-hosted Ghost: It's minimalist and snappy so far, which I really like. Plus, its specs as a Node.js app appeal to the JavaScript dabbler in me, versus the older PHP technology used in WordPress.

That said, I should also emphasize that I really don't mean to diss WordPress here. Our old posts will remain available there, and I applaud the platform's openness and the developer ecosystem that's sprung up around it.

It's truly one of the great successes in the open source world, and I'd still recommend it for many projects. I just think Ghost fits this particular blog's needs better right now. We'll see how it goes.

Peter A. McKay

Peter A. McKay

Peter A. McKay, a news technologist based in Northern California, is founder of Indizr. He is a former prize-winning reporter at the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.

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