New paper on blockchain for the supply chain

Some big news to pass along today about one of the most promising potential use cases for blockchain – its potential as a tool to enable the global supply chain of goods we all use everyday.

I'm happy to report I've co-authored a new whitepaper published by the World Economic Forum as part of its series this year on potential uses of blockchain technology in the global supply chain. I did this on behalf of a blockchain startup that I advise, Dispatch Labs, and in collaboration with two amazing co-authors: Nadia Hewett of WEF and Hanns-Christian Hanebeck of Truckl, a startup using blockchain to eliminate errors in cargo deliveries.

Our paper, which you can download here, is the third in a series on supply chain that WEF has been publishing this year. Our installment covers issues around using private or public chains for functions such as recordkeeping, legal compliance, dispute resolution, and more. Crucially, we've included a lot of background information for non-technical readers and some guidelines for choosing between public and private chains for your project as well.

(I should also add, the first two papers in the WEF series were excellent and definitely worth a read as well for anyone active in the supply-chain space. The first one, which acts as an intro to the series, is available for download here. And the second one, covering digital identity on the blockchain, is available here.)

As for Part 3, I can vouch we all put a lot of work into it as co-authors and are quite hopeful it will help move the ball along on blockchain adoption in the supply-chain space.  If you have any feedback or questions after taking a look, I'm eager to hear anytime via Twitter or email peter[at]

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