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Hi, everyone! Just realized I'm overdue to remind folks there are multiple ways to get regular updates from Indizr about decentralization. If you've perhaps stumbled across some of the site's content lately on a one-off basis, as most readers do, I'd love to connect through one of these channels on a more regular basis:

  • RSS: A little old school, I know, but sometimes that's how we roll around here. Especially if it means supporting open source. 😉 Our RSS feed includes every blog post, so it's the most comprehensive, rapidly updated way to get Indizr content.
  • E-mail newsletter: This is updated 1-2 times a week. Includes links to Indizr posts, as well as third-party content of interest from around the web. Subscribe for free here.
  • Twitter: Since I've broke up with Facebook a little while back, this has been my primary third-party social channel. There's an Indizr account (@itsindizr) that primary includes links to this site's post. Or you can follow me personally (@peteramckay), which will get you Indizr links along with rants about the Mets and other off-topic stuff that interests me.
  • Medium: I cross-post a sampling of the content from the main blog to the Medium platform. It's not comprehensive, but if you're a big Medium user, you can definitely subscribe to Indizr there to get some good highlights from the site's posts.
  • GitHub: Occasionally updated page that includes stuff like our design templates, server scripts, and other open source goodies for more technical folks.

I'm trying to post more regular updates about decentralization to all these channels these days, so it struck me this was a good time to highlight them. If you've enjoyed the Indizr content you've seen so far, and if you're active on one of the platforms listed above, please do give give us a follow!

Header image by Kon Karampelas via Unsplash.

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