Is venture funding like a drug for tech founders?

Scott Galloway's latest blog post makes an extended comparison between venture funding for tech and recreational drugs, including all the self-destructive behavior that comes with that territory.

As with a lot of the author/good business professor's work, the post is both entertaining and a savvy analysis, well worth a few minutes of your time if you care about tech in any way.

In general, Galloway has been on a roll lately, making an early call that the WeWork IPO would be a disaster. (Bingo!) Even further back, his book about oligarchy in tech, The Four, was quite prescient as well back in 2017.

If there's a silver lining to the post-WeWork shakeout in VC about to come, let's hope that it leads to more funding of tech companies that are actually user-oriented, profitable, and sustainable. I wouldn't exactly hold my breath for such an outcome, to be honest. But we can hope.

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