Tokenizing Indizr

It's important to me not just to talk about Web 3.0 on this site but to "walk the walk" by also implementing decentralized technology as much as possible to publish content.

In that spirit, Indizr has now become one of the more than 26,000 verified publishers in the Brave ecosystem, which aims to remake the broken business model for ad-supported digital media.

Brave makes a web browser that's based on the same code as Google Chrome but carries some distinct features. The Brave browser blocks ads and tracking codes by default, which gives users greater privacy and faster pageloads as they visit their favorite sites. It also uses a novel cryptocurrency, the Basic Attention Token, to pay verified publishers like Indizr in small increments as users view the publishers' content in the Brave browser. Users can also give creators lump-sum tips directly using BAT through the browser's built-in crypto wallet (assuming you've added funds to it, of course :-).  

This is pretty radical stuff, to say the least. For fuller detail, including some discussion of features that are in the works for future Brave releases, check out this 3-minute talk by their CEO Brendan Eich:

Brave says it's gotten more than 5 million users so far – a drop in the bucket compared to the likes of Chrome but nonetheless a promising foothold to hopefully build upon.

If you're not a Brave user yet, you can download the browser for Windows, Mac, or Linux via a custom referral link Brave has created for Indizr as a verified publisher. Indizr will get some BAT tokens if you download the Brave browser and use it consistently for at least 30 days.

That's probably a good idea anyway, just for your own sake as a user, as Brave is faster and more respectful of your privacy than the most popular alternatives. So this is potentially a win-win-win situation for everyone. 😉

Download Brave here.

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